This digital pitch gauge is a must if you fly Helicopters. getting the pitch correct will ensure accuracy and stability when flying your helicopter.

This TL90 gauge can be used on the helicopter that is equipped with a Flybar or flybarless, the built-in digital gyro can detect the height of the blade automatically and display on the backlight LCD screen.
Automatically detect the horizontal angle.
It has automatic screen inversion function.

Applicable Length Of The Main Rotor: 250mm-800mm(9.84-31.50in)
Applicable Width Of The Pulp: 20mm-75mm(0.79-2.95in)
Operating Voltage: 3.0V DC
Power Supply: 2 x CR2032 (NOT included);
Operating Temperature: 0-40℃(32~104℉)
Precision Measurement: 0.1 degree
Measuring Range: ± 90°
Body Size: app.108x22mm/4.25x0.87in
Display Size: app.52x33mm/2.051.30in


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TL90 Digital Pitch Gauge

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