series of motors are processed by CNC milling, the hollow-designed appearance not only guarantee good heat dissipation, but also greatly reduce motor weight. In addition, it also make motors look more strong at visual.

Stainless steel solid shaft
The motor shaft is made of 420 stainless steel material imported from Japan. After heat treatment, the shafts are improved to high strength, excellent ductility, and better resistance to bending and breaking.

6061-T6 Aviation aluminium alloy
Top and bottom caps are made of high strength 6061-T6 aviation aluminium alloy, with high hardness and high strength of extension, which can ensure reliable performance of motors.

Imported NMB bearings
X series uses customized NMB mini bearings imported from Japan, which provide longer life, quiet and stable operation of these motors.

Hand wound
The coils of X motors are all hand wound. This manufacturing procedure costs much more in labour, but makes the coil tight, neat, better coil space factor, and can increase the continuous power output of motors.

Stator Diameter 22mm Rotor Diameter 27mm
Stator Thickness 4mm Shaft Diameter 3mm
No.of Stator Slots 12 Body Length (Without Shaft) 20.4mm
No.of Rotor Poles 14 Body Length 21.1mm
Motor Kv 1800 Max Lipo Cell 2-3S
No-load current 0.2A/10V ESC 12A
Motor Resistance 156mΩ Recommended Prop(inch) GWS8040/GWS8043/GWS9050/GWS9047 
Max Continuous Current 12.5A/15s Weight for aerobatics airplane 200g (2S GWS8040\GWS8043)
Max Continuous Power 140W Weight for 3D airplane 155g (2S GWS9047\GWS9050\GWS8040\GWS8043)
Weight 19.6g


 SunnySky X2204 1800KV Brushless Motor Dimensions


Qty available:2 SKU:X2204-1800
SunnySky X2204 1800KV Brushless Motor

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