Key Features
* Includes 24-inch Remote Receiver Extension
* Replacement remote receiver for DSM2 receivers that utilize a remote receiver
* Optional 2nd remote receiver for the AR9010 receiver or 4th remote receiver for the AR9110

The remote receiver can be used as a replacement for any DSM2 receiver that utilizes a remote receiver. 

The remote receiver includes one 24-inch extension; however, various lengths of receiver extensions can be purchased allowing various placement options for mounting purposes. Additional remote receiver extensions are available in 6", 9", 12", 24" and 36" lengths.


Type : DSM2
Band 2.4-2.4835
Length: 0.98in
Width: 0.89in
Height: 0.27in

Qty available:0 SKU:SPM9646
Spektrum SPM9646 2.4Ghz DSMx Remote Carbon Receiver

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