The ZMO Pro is a fixed wing aircraft with a three-axis tilting structure which is efficient and easy to operate. It provides a perfect solution to the spatial limitations of fixed wing and the demand of operational skills. It supports a variety of flight modes from Drone to fixed wing. 

Same as first ZMO, When you wear the goggles, it's like sitting the in the cockpit of a the ZMO. Enjoy a huge 150 degree viewing angle with 120fps real-time transmission. The ZMO will deliver overwhelming experience that places you in the centre of the fast-paced FPV world in the sky.

This Model released for 2023 has an upgraded flight controller offering increased performance and functionality. Based on the powerful Ardupilot software this second generation flight control has industrial avionics system integration. The ZMO Pro can achieve full automatic flight, intelligent risk avoidance, seamless switching between drone and fixed wing modes, multiple flight protection systems. more diverse functionality.

Core Strengths

  • One-Click Take-off & Landing
  • One-Click Return To Home
  • 110kph/ 69mph Max Speed
  • Industrial calibration-free IMU
  • The core module has a shielded design to minimise electromagnetic interference.
  • Vertical Take off and Landing
  • A perfect solution to the spatial limitations of fixed wing.
  • Quick assemble & disassemble module structure
  • 3 minutes ready to fly
  • 60 Minutes flight time with a 4S 5100mA HV battery
  • Professional Ardupilot 4.3 customized firmware
  • Support Mission Planer and QGC ground station software
  • Compatible with a variety of digital image receivers and dual
    antilog image receivers: Mavlink, DJI VTX, Valksnail. etc
  • Patented Airspeed and GPS integrated design.
  • Integrated high precision differential pressure airspeed
    meter (measuring range >60m/s), and GPS
    QMC5883LCompatible with CRSF/SBUS protocol receiver
  • Supports Arco manual mode (The Pilot can fly aerobatics manually)

Additional Features

  • Support MAX 14-Channel PWM + 1-channel IO module outputs
  • Support TF Storage card
  • Support camera curious auto-tracking
  • Support 4 Serial Ports, 2 I2C Ports, and 2 ADC Ports.
  • Compatible with CRSF/SBUS protocol receiver

ZMO Specifications

 ZMO Power System and Flight Controller

ZMO Components

ZMP Upgraded Flight Controller

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OMPHOBBY ZMO PRO VTOL FPV (Upgraded Flight controller for 2023)

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