The OMPHobby M1 EVO RC helicopter is the latest revision of the M1 helicopter. It has an updated carbon fibre frame, metal tail mount and more. the M1 is available in 4 new colours. The OMPHobby M1 RC Helicopter is a great micro (150 size) 3D Flybarless RC helicopter. Great for indoor flying during bad weather days but can be flown outside as well.

Highlights of the M1 EVO:

•All new visual design fitting with OMP’s new line, available in white, red, orange and yellow
•Newly designed carbon fibre frame with central aluminium backbone
•New, crash-resistant aluminium tail motor mount with painted CF tail fin
•Length adjustable tail boom for easy CG adjustment
•Proven propulsion system of the M1, allowing for efficient, long flights
•Swash levelling tool included in package


  • Main motor: Sunnysky R23-2
  • Tail motor: Sunnysky R09-2
  • Diameter of main blades: 290mm
  • Diameter of tail blades: 46.5mm
  • Weight: approx. 118g
  • Overall size: 290*88*290
  • Battery: 2s 350mAh 50C (1 battery included)
  • Flying time: maximum flying time 8Min / 3D violent 3min
  • Servos: Digital sub micro, metal gears, plastic case
  • Flight controller: Adjustable parameters, governor mode
  • Receiver: SFHSS or OMPHobby integrated receiver plus S-BUS & DSM ports for external Rx.
  • Included accessories: Charge lead, nut wrench, screwdriver, 1mm hex wrench, spare screws & servo arms.
Qty available:2 SKU:OSHM0022
OMPHOBBY M1 Evo RC Helicopter

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