Product Features

  • All new visual design fitting with OMP's new line
  • More rigid main frame with lower parts count
  • Redesign main motor power, perfectly matched to drive the new main blades
  • Increased blade length to 190mm, rotor diameter of 434.5mm
  • Adjustable length for tail boom
  • FBL rotor head for improved control characteristics
  • Redesign tail motor and tail blades for quieter and more stable for tail operation
  • Larger 3S 750mAh with high 60C discharge rate batter

Product data

  • Main Motor: Sunnysky V4-II
  • Flight weight: Approx. 335g
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 434 mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 89mm (3.5inch)
  • Blade: 192mm
  • Tail motor: Sunnysky R1-II
  • Servo:
    • 10g 5V 0.08sec/60-
    • 1.65kg.cm
    • Polycarbonate cased, all
    • metal gear,
    • high-performance servos
  • Dimension: 428*72*138 mm
  • Flight Time:
    • Maximum flight time 10 mins
    • 4 mins for extreme 3D manoeuvres
  • Flight Controller: Receiver ports for s.Bus\DSM\DSMX
  • Rotor Head: FBL
  • Version: BNF/RTF Version
  • Colour:
    • Elegant White
    • Racing Yellow
    • Glamor Red
    • Charm Orange


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    OMPHOBBY 3D RC Helicopter M2 EVO

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