MICROBEAST Plus is a 3-axis control system for flybarless RC model helicopters. MEMS sensors of the latest generation measure the aircrafts rotational movement with unprecedented precision and transmit the data digitally and in real time to the system.
The housing made of plastic composite material keeps the weight of MICROBEAST Plus sensationally low.

The sophisticated setup can quickly be done everywhere and no expensive programming box or computer is needed. So many settings can also be changed simply and easily at the flying field.
Further options are available with the optional USB2SYS interface and the StudioX software package. MICROBEAST Plus can be kept up to date by using the update functionality and advanced pilot can thus customize the unit specifically to their needs.

The device can be upgraded to ProEdition firmware with AttitudeControl (Bail out rescue function) at any time (subject to a charge).


Servo outputs
• 3 swash plate servos
- Maximum adjustable servo update rate: 200Hz
- Swash plate mixing types: mCCPM, 90°, 120°, 135°, 140°; as well es freely configurable mixer with StudioX, i.e. for swash phasing
• 1 rudder servo
- Supports mostly all types of servos with 1520µs, 960µs or 760µs
- Maximum adjustable servo update rate: 560Hz
• When using a SingleLine receiver additionally:
- throttle output, auxiliary output for landing gear, position lights or else

Signal inputs
• Standard receiver with single servo output channels
• SingleLine receivers: Spektrum DSM2/DSMX remote satellite, JR RJ01 DMSS remote satellite, Futaba S.Bus, SRXL (JR XBUS, Spektrum SRXL, SUMD, M-Link, BEASTX SRXL, JETI UDI), SPPM
• Sensor board (i. e. for connecting a rpm sensor for internal electric or nitro RPM governor function).

Input voltage: 3,5 V - 8,5 V DC (Operation with 2 cell LiPo possible)
Processor: 32 Bit ARM
Sensor: 6-Axis MEMS (Gyro + Accelerometer)
Dimensions: 36 x 25 x 14 mm
Weight (w/o wiring): ca. 11g

• Receiver connection cables
• 3M adhesive pads
• Adjustment tool
• Quick start manual poster
• Plastic quick reference card
• Sticker set

Optional accessories
• USB2SYS Interface for communication with StudioX PC Software (BXA76007)
• BLE2SYS Bluetooth-Interface (BXA76015)

Current Firmware
Additional to the basic functionality as flybarless system and tail gyro* an internal RPM Governor function* for helicopters with electric or combustion drive is included.

* Requires the optional Tail-Gyro Adaptor (BXA76001)
** Requires the optional Brushless Sensor and RPM-Sensor Adaptor cable (BXA76402) for Electro or Governor Sensor for fuel engines (HEGBP001)
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