The LiPo transmitter batteries feature highest power and an unbelievable performance. With their tailor-made dimensions, the VTEC LiPo TX-Packs are suitable for Sanwa, Futaba and many other transmitters.

The TX-Pack 3000 is suited for the Sanwa M12, M12-S, MT-4, MT-4S, MT-S, Exzes-X, Exzes-Z, Aquila-6 and SD-10G transmitters and may more.

Ready-to-use with pre-assembled connectors
All cells are separately tested and selected
Maximum capacity
Low weight
High cycle life
LRP quality approved

Weight - 98g
Nominal voltage - 7.4V
C-rate - TX-only
Dimensions - 95x29x18mm
Capacity - 3000
RX Plug
Balancing connector - XHR 3-pole

Qty available:1 SKU:LRP430355
Lipo 3000 TX-Pack 7.4V

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