Primarily developed for use in helicopters but equally suitable for fixed wing models, this tiny full range FASSTest receiver weighs in at only 7.2g!

The R7303SB telemetry enabled receiver, a high-voltage design that operates up to 3 channels using the 3 standard PWM outputs or up to an incredible 18 channels (16 proportional + 2 digital) using the S-Bus port. That means a simpler setup and full support for S-Bus and S-Bus2 servos.

As supplied the R7303SB receiver includes integral sensors for receiver voltage, signal strength and external voltage, with further separate sensors available seperatly.

Modulation: FASSTest
Weight: 7.2g
Voltage: 3.7 - 7.4v
Channels: 3 Channel (18 S-Bus)
Dimensions: 37.4 x 22.5 x 9.3mm

47 x 25 x 14
Qty available:0 SKU:P-R7003SB
Futaba R7003SB Receiver - S-Bus (HV) 2.4GHz FASS

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