This battery tester is perfect to ensure that you don't run out of power when you most need it. 

1. Voltage, Quantity of Electricity, PPM, Internal Resistance Measurement, Balanced Discharge.
2. Large LCD backlight display, intuitive.
3. Battery Voltage Detection, Voltage Balance/Discharge, Wide and Narrow Frequency Actuator Testing, Electric Adjustment Testing.
4. High precision, high voltage detection accuracy to 0.001V.
5. It can display battery type, residual power, total voltage, single battery and so on.
6. Wide and narrow frequency servo detection, can manually test the rotation of the servo, the middle of the servo, the servo automatically swing left and right, swing speed adjustable.
7. Fine workmanship, powerful function, high cost performance, strong practicability, and it is necessary for RC drone.

Input voltage: 6.5v-29.4
Product size: 83*50*15mm/3.26*1.96*0.59''
Packing weight: 57g

Package Included:

1 X Smart Battery Meter
1 X User Manual

Qty available:0 SKU:iARC-TL007
Smart Battery Capacity Voltage Tester 5 in 1

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