This motor is a perfect replacement for the 450 class helicopters. 

Compatible with - Align Trex 450 L, 480 and many other helicopters

Please check the specifications are suitable for your helicopter


100% Brand New!
Motor KV:    1800KV RPM/V
Motor Resistance (RM):    0.0648 Ω
Idle Current (Io/10V):    1.3A/10V
Max Continuous Current:    28A
Max Continuous Power:    600W
Weight:    ≈90g/3.17oz
Configu-ration:    9N6P
Lipo Cell:    4S_6S
Motor Diameter:    30.2mm/1.19in
Motor Body Length:    35mm/1.38in
Overall Shaft Length:    51mm/2.01in
Shaft Diameter:    3.17mm/0.12in
Bolt holes spacing:    16mm/0.63in
Bolt thread:    M2.5×6/M3×6
Motor Timing:    5deg
Drive Frequency:    8kHz
Qty available:0 SKU:iARC-EM003
450 Class Gartt HF450L-1800KV Motor

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