These 38cm gliders are so much fun and will keep your kids playing for hours. These are not just for kids but for the whole family to enjoy together. This plane is easy to operate and is suitable for all ages. You have a choice of Red, Green or Blue, you could even take one of each. ;-)  It is made of EPP fam so is very durable and absorbs impact well. The design of the place makes assembly of it extremely easy. Assembly is done by simply sliding each wing in to the body of the plane. There are 2 options of flight. Slide the tail in to the lower slot to achieve strait flight. Slide the tail in to the upper slot to achieve looping flight.


Material - EPP Foam
Size - 38cm Long Wingspan 38cm Hight 9.5cm
Colours - Red / Green / Blue
Weight - 11g
Qty available:100 SKU:iARC-010-R
38cm Foam Kids Toy Throwing Aeroplane / Glider Plane Stocking filler

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