25MM PTFE Joiner & Clips, Extremely high quality & used on our own show models.

2 X Clips & 1 X PTFE Tube per package.Manifolds tend to come in three main sizes, 22mm,25mm,28mm this measurment being the outside diameter of the pipe use to manufacture the manifold. Depending on the capacity of your engine, the manifold will be one of the sizes quoted here. We stock all three sizes of joiner & clips, so just measure your manifold to find which joiner system is for you.

Top Tip.  It is wise to carry a spare joiner in your field box, the joiner does not often fracture, but it is likely to go on the first flight of a sunny day & stop the days flying! if you have a spare it will not spoil the day.

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25MM PTFE Joiner & Clips

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