This is a powerful counter clockwise multi-rotor motor. This is a great motor for the drone enthusiast that is looking for performance and reliability.

It is also good for aeroplane builds where a counter clockwise motor s needed.

Available for DJI Phantom Series, F330 F450 F550 S550 X525 Quadcopter Multirotor.
Recommended battery: 3S-4S Lipo batteries.
Recommended ESC: 40A
Recommended propeller: 9443.
Material: Metal.


Model: 2212
KV(rpm/v): 930
Motor: 28 x 24mm/1.10 x 0.94inch
Rotor: 22 x 12mm/0.87 x 0.47inch


Qty available:25 SKU:iARC-EM004
2212 - 930 KV Motor CW

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