This product is used to lock the tread of the bolts and nuts to ensure that they do not loosen on their own.


Granville Lockthread is a medium strength anaerobic compound which cures in the absence of air to seal metal threads and cylindrical parts and which can be removed with normal hand tools if required.

* Lockthread bonds and seals threads and retaining cylindrical parts
* Eliminates the need for spring washers, split pins, wires and other mechanical locking devices
* Seals threads against leaks and corrosion
* Seals pipework joints on petrol, oil and hydraulic systems
* Removable with normal hand tools if required

Lockthread is highly resistant to:
* Heat
* Vibration
* Water
* Gases
* Oils
* Hydrocarbons
* And many other chemicals

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Granville Lock Thread

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