This KBAR / VBAR Bluetooth unit is for connection to a KBAR and VBAR Gyro using an Android phone. Please note that this will now work with apple devices.

Compatible with - KBAR/VBAR Gyro Systems


Item Name: 

KBAR VBAR Gyro APM Bluetooth Module Transeiver 



100 brand new!

suit for 4-12V

Step to connect:

1) Connect the wiring, power up, while the device is not connected, the bluetooth module board has a white LED flashing

2) At PC side, search bluetooth device.

3) Found name called "LINVOR" device

4) Connect it, and passcode is "1234"

5) While connection is ok, you can see the LED become always on.


Qty available:1 SKU:KBAR-BT001
KBAR / VBAR Gyro APM Bluetooth Module Transceiver

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