This is one beautifully produced 450 DFC Flybarless Helicopter. The 450 DFC has been produced from the finest materials and sports a carbon fibre chassis with CNC machined alloy components. Featured alloy bits such as the rotor head, tail mechanism, chassis struts, engine and bearing mounts amongst others.

This machine has been built to allow for extreme agility and stability while flying.

The helicopters construct gives confidence to beginner flyers through its stability and high performance for the extreme 3D flyers.

450 DFC belt drive assembly kit
Tail rotor blades
Blade support caddy
Cable ties and assembly hardware
Motor pinion (13T)

Main rotor diameter:715mm
Tail rotor diameter:158mm
Motor drive gear:13T
Main drive gear:150T
Tail drive gear:25T
Flying weight: Approx750g



3 x High torque metal geared mini servos (max length 24mm)
1 x High speed tail rotor servo (max length 36.5mm)
1 x Flybarless gyro system
1 x 450 size brushless helicopter motor (2500~3500Kv)
1 x 2200mah 3~4S LiPoly battery
1 x 40~60amp ESC
1pr Main rotor blades (max 325mm)
1 x 6ch Transmitter and receiver
1 x Charger for 3~4S LiPoly batteries

1 x Canopy of your design choice



Qty available:1 SKU:iARC-HELI01
450 DFC 3D Helicopter

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