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This is one incredible 3D Helicopter and motor combo built from the finest materials and with the precision not seen before.

This heli uses a flybarless rotor head system that has been CNC milled out of 7075 high strength aviation grade alloy. The linkage rods have opposite threads and a hex in the centre of the shaft to allow for easy and accurate adjustment of the swashplate and blades.

The swashplate is CNC milled out of 7075 high strength aviation grade alloy and uses Japanese high-end double bearings. The anti-rotation arm is fitted with 3 bearings to reduce friction and wear while moving along the anti-rotation bracket.

The 6mm stainless steel balls offer a larger contact surface thus ensuring maximum accuracy and strength during extreme 3D flight.

The 3K high grade pure carbon fibre matt plate has been designed to offer maximum torsional strength increasing the rigidity of the fuselage. This rigidity plays a large role in making this the best 3D helicopter ever built. 

The main shaft bearing housing is CNC machined out of a single block of 7075 high strength aviation grade alloy. The main shaft upper and lower bearings are mounted in this single housing offering perfect alignment and increased strength when under extreme load. 15mm high carbon steel is precision ground forming a perfect fitting high strength main shaft minimising vibration throughout the helicopter.

The motor mount is machined out of a single block of alloy and is fitted with an EZO bearing offering support for the motor gear. The motor mount is designed to allow for ease of adjustment for the pinion / main gear clearance. This motor mount design offers an extended heatsink for the motor ensuring maximum cooling thus increasing the efficiency.

A 15mm 110T CNC machined helical main gear design reduces noise levels dramatically while offering less mechanical wear. A high end 20mm one-way bearing is fitted to minimise the chances of slippage when demanding bursts of intense torque during extreme 3D manoeuvres.

The unique square yet rounded shape of the tail boom reduces the flex in the boom when under extreme load. The rounded lower section and squared upper section makes sure that the tail alignment is perfect every time and requires no adjustment.

 The tail rotor idler system has 2 rollers ensuring the belt stays seated on the gear and increasing the contact area by pulling the belt further around the gear. 

The tail rotor uses a similar design to the main rotor with a 5mm shaft, thrust bearings and rotation bearings secured on each end with locknuts. This design is especially robust and safe for extreme 3D flight. 

The canopy has a high tech streamline design and is made using a new fibreglass manufacturing formula that is crack resistant, light weight, strong and durable 

Combo B Contents

ALZRC Night Fury T7 FBL Helicopter Kit
ALZRC Brushless Motor 4530 - PRO 520KV
3 x NFC Razor C1 Cyclic Servos (Blue Or Black)
1 x NFC Razor T1 Tail Servo (Blue Or Black)


Main Rotor Diameter - 1578mm (700mm)
Main Blade Length - 700mm~730mm
Tail Rotor Diameter - 300mm (105mm)
Tail Blade Length - 105mm~115mm
Main shaft Diameter - 15mm
Spindle Shaft Diameter - 10mm
Tail rotor shaft Diameter - 6mm
Tail rotor spindle shaft Diameter - 5mm
Weight - 2850g (Including blades, without battery and electronic equipment)
Motor Size - Maximum diameter 65mm、Maximum Hight 65mm
Motor Shaft - 6mm
Battery Compartment - 70x75x320mm
Servo Size - Standard 40mm width
Main Rotor Ratio - 1:10 (Motor Pinion 11T)
Tail Rotor Ratio - 1:4.7 (Tail Pinion20T)

Packing Description
Packing - ALZRC - N-FURY T7 FBL KIT x 1
Packing Size - 91 x 30 x 18cm
Packing Weight - 5.5kg

ALZRC Night Fury T7 3D Helicopter

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ALZRC - Night FURY T7 FBL Combo B
105325 130031

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